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Repair Services from Carpets Etc

Carpets Etc offers flooring repairs to your worn, damaged or stained flooring. Despite the best of intentions, by the nature of its use, there are times when flooring needs repairs. Although it may seem the end of the world, Carpets Etc has skilled technicians who can revive a floor you think is beyond help.

Of course there is a point where it may be more economical to replace the floor, but we resort to that as the last effort. We serve you with honesty, we would rather repair your floor than sell you a new one and make a quick buck. If you are in Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Stuart or Palm City, bring some photos of the damaged floor to our showroom.

We can make repairs on all types of flooring including:
  • Tile
  • Carpet
  • Vinyl
  • Hardwood
Because flooring gets so much wear and tear, it can be damaged in many different ways. If you have saggy carpet, we first suggest you get your carpet professionally clean by our sister company Safe Clean. Sometimes, this alone will help smooth out any carpet wrinkles. If this does not fix the problem, we can professionally stretch your carpet giving it a newer look and extending the life of the carpet. We can also patch problem areas such as bleach stains, iron burns, holes, and snags. Is there a seam that is coming apart? We can fix that too.

Is your grout missing in places? Maybe you have some broken tiles? We can fix those too. If you have some of the original tiles or grout, then repair is easy. If it is a large area and you do not have extra, we can attempt to match your old tile. However, because tiles change so rapidly, just understand that this may not be possible. If not, we can suggest ways to alter your floor, wall, or you may need to replace it.

Repairs can also be made on carpet, laminates, vinyls, and tiles.

Before you think all is lost and your flooring cannot be repaired, we can provide a free estimate on repairs. We will be honest and upfront if we can or cannot repair it, free of charge.

Situations where repairs can be made

Let's begin before you require material to repair your floor. When the floor is installed, put the remnant materials in a closet for possible future use. If the need for the leftovers arises, you'll be relieved you took the trouble to think ahead.

  • Hardwood floors get scuffed, scratched and gouged. Refinishing the floor can bring it back to new. If a plank needs to be replaced, that's basic carpentry we can do for you.
  • Wall to wall carpeting is subject to spills and burns. Our expert carpet technicians can remove the damaged area and replace the patch with the remnant. If there is no remnant, a closet is an inconspicuous place to harvest the needed patch.
  • Sheet vinyl is repaired by assessing the damaged area and patching with remnant.
  • Laminate and LVT are modular and often applied by interlocking the modules. An experienced technician can remove the damaged material and snap the replacement right in.
  • Tiles can be replaced and re-grouted, so the room looks as good as new.

As you can see, it makes repairs much easier if there is some of the original material available. If that is not the case, it may take longer to make the repairs, but we will match the flooring as closely as possible.

For all your flooring repairs, visit our showroom in Port St. Lucie or give us a call today.