Why Carpeting is a Great Choice for the Home

Why Carpeting is a Great Choice for the Home

There is a long debate for homeowners: to carpet or not to carpet. Hard surface floors seem to be all of the rage right now, but there is still something classic and timeless about carpeting. Carpeting has always been and will always be a great choice for any home, depending on your style preference. If you are undecided as to whether or not carpeting is a great choice for your home, this will take a look at some of the myths about carpeting as well as all of the benefits.

The Myth

There has long been a misconception that carpeting isn’t a great choice for people with allergies. When cleaned properly, much like with any other flooring option, a clean carpet will be free of most of the dust and allergens that can bother people. Thanks to improved technologies, there are materials that are now used for carpeting that can offer an allergy-friendly option.

Another misconception is that carpets are impossible to keep clean. The reality is that there are plenty of options out there that are more durable and easier to clean. Anything will stain if you let something sit on it long enough, so as long as you spot clean as often as needed and regularly vacuum/shampoo your carpet it will stay for a very long time.

Benefits of Carpeting

There are quite a few benefits that you can get from choosing carpeting in your home. Here is a look at just some of these benefits.


It’s your home, so you want to be comfortable in it. There’s something comforting about walking around on a plush, soft carpeting while barefoot in the home. It is also warm to walk on, especially when compared to hardwood flooring and tile. This doesn’t make it better than these other options, but some people do find it more comfortable.


When you have kids, or are planning to, safety in the home is one of your top priorities. Carpets offer a very safe flooring option. If a child falls on a carpeted floor, they are cushioned by the softness of the carpet. In fact, fi anyone in your home falls down, the carpet offers the softest fall. It may still hurt, but it will hurt a lot less than falling on a tile floor.


Remember that part about how carpeting doesn’t feel cold when you walk on it? The reason for that is because carpeting offers incredible insulation in the home. Between the carpeting and the carpet pad used underneath it, you are getting multiple layers of protection that will keep the heat or cooling in the space. This could potentially save you money on your heating and cooling costs.

Noise Reduction

Not only does this extra insulation help with your utilities, it can also help with noise reduction in the space. There are a few ways that carpet can help with that. You won’t hear footsteps as loudly as people walk around the space, especially in the lower levels. It also helps get rid of that weird echoing you may get in rooms that don’t have carpeting.


Carpeting can be an extremely affordable option and you don’t have to sacrifice as much on style. These can be expensive if you choose one of the more higher end options, but for the most part carpeting can be very reasonable. These can also be easier to install than other flooring types, so you can save money on installation as well if you are handy.

Many Design Choices

Everyone has their own unique style, so they have a particular design that they have in their space. With carpeting, you have a seemingly endless amount of options as far as design and color go. There are carpets that look like they have little patterns on it. There are solid color options. You could get a shag carpet or something more luxurious looking. There are so many choices when it comes to carpeting that you are certain to find something that works with the décor in the space.

Easy to Maintain

Carpets these days are incredibly durable and easy to clean. You want to make sure that your carpet stays as incredible looking as possible, so you will still need to do regular maintenance to keep it fresh. Carpets are generally stain-resistant though some are more resistant than others. Vacuuming should be performed on a regular basis. Anytime spills do happen, these should be cleaned up as soon as possible with a damp cloth. You can also shampoo the carpet yourself or get this professionally done at least once a year. These are all things that will keep your carpet in great condition.


There is just something luxurious about a carpet. If you are looking for a flooring option that just looks as luxurious as a room in a fancy hotel, carpeting is the best option. Plush-looking, vibrant carpets can transform a room and give it the upscale look for your space.

Choosing a Carpet

There are a few different carpeting choices. Some of these are more durable than others, making them ideal choices for high-traffic area or places like a kid’s bedroom or playroom. This means that you need to consider the space before you make any other decisions because some areas need more durable (though often less plush) carpets than others. Everything after this can really be determined by your own personal preference, such as if you want a carpet that is softer or are you looking for a specific design.


The carpets of today are certainly not the carpets that you may have grown up with. The fibers that make up these carpets are a lot more durable than the fibers in the past and some are even made with special materials that make them more friendly for those with allergies. When you choose a carpet, it can be helpful to get the advice of a professional. They can let you know which types of carpets will best meet your needs as well as how to properly take care of it so that it lasts longer.