Carpet Binding Services with Carpets Etc.

Carpets Etc. carpet binding service multiplies rug options. Until recently, carpet binding has been a secret used by interior designers and architects. Using carpet binding, you can convert any carpet – remnant, on the roll into an area rug – into a one of a kind custom rug.

Have you ever had a spot where you wanted an area rug, but if you liked the rug it was the wrong size, or vice a versa. Frustrating, wasn't it? If you're from Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Stuart or Palm City and you come to our Port St. Lucie showroom, your third option, a custom bound rug will end your search.
Carpet binding from Carpet Etc

Carpet Binding starts with your Choice of Binding Style

With carpet binding, the entire categories of broadloom and remnants are available for transformation. Before ordering, it's best to know what kind of binding you want:

  • A tape binding uses a twill tape to enclose the unfinished edge of the carpet; the tape is sewn onto the carpet and can either match or contrast with the rug.

The Types of Area Rugs Created with Carpet Binding is almost Infinite

Between customized size and shape, and the endless variety of carpeting, creating a custom rug is uncomplicated and affordable.

Have you ever wondered why a square rug is so expensive? With carpet binding, you can make a rug with the measurements that fits your room, rather than trying to make the room fit whatever rug is available mass-market.

So you've made the move and want to work a midcentury modern vibe in your great room. You are free to design an outside-the-box shape. There's nothing stopping you from having a large amoeba shape to rock the Jetsons look.

Color plays an enormous role in the feel of a room. Custom binding lets you find the exact color for your rug, without the compromise that stock rugs require.

The next time you look at a rug and think “if only,” come to Carpets Etc. where carpet binding and some imagination will make you exclaim, “Exactly!”

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